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What we do

At Choice Computing we offer software design and maintenance services as well as technical problem solving.

We have many years of large and small system production, maintenance and troubleshooting.

We have consulted for all size companies from the Fortune 500, Universities, down to two or three man shops.

We come from a Mathematics/Physics background, (Mathematics at Cambridge UK, High Energy Physics at CERN and Laser physics) so no problem is too hard or abstruse, in fact the harder the problem the more we enjoy it.

We have many years of graphics and UI programming experience, and have produced whole graphics packages (CAD and GIS) that have sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Areas of Expertise


Using Camera and Mems for heliostat alignment at the Helio100 project.
Error vs Image resolution
Emulation of SMS devices and testing of Web services. The graph thumbnail shown opposite is the distillation of hundreds of Megabytes of log files over some days into several graphs which indicate response times, responses per second and errors for various services.
delay and packet loss
Thermodynamic modeling of Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Stations.
storage charging profile
Attempts to improve optical alignment modeling for the SALT Telescope (91 m2 aperture), one of the largest telescopes in the world. mirror Shack-Hartman alignment
Internet traffic modeling.
packet delay
Software and hardware IP switch design for telephone Exchanges. USA Patent 6714554
Data visualization of abstract data sets include tree
GPS, especially GPS on cell phones. See this utility for GPS time and data calculation.





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